Book Club Questions

Discussion Prompts for:

Snakes or Ladders” by Jessie Flowers.

  1. Snakes and Ladders has been called “a good read”. What features drew you in to the story and held you to the end?
  2. Snakes and Ladders has been called “a study of the damage done to a young woman by sexism and religious fanaticism…”
    1. How well was Mitty able to come to terms with this upbringing? To what extent was she able to develop strategies to overcome or lessen its influence?
    2. Discuss these issues as developed in the book. To what extent are these themes relevant today?
  3. Mitty is often alone, and relying only on herself. How is this a help or a hindrance in her development?
  4. How does Mitty change over the course of the book?
  5. Who are the other strong characters in the book? Which characters influence Mitty? Which characters have an effect on the actions in the story? Are these the same characters?
  6. A major source of pain for Mitty, although revealed only later in the book, was the unexplained loss of her father. Is it possible, do you think, to fully assuage that pain with the truth revealed?
  7. Mitty’s mother changes dramatically after standing up to her sister. Do you agree that a scene letting out built up anger and hurt can be enough of a catharsis to achieve a major change?
  8. Was the ending satisfying? Does it resolve the plot threads and issues raised in the book? Did it leave you as a the reader wanting to find out what happens next to Mitty?
  9. Would the book make a better read/or and a study of sexism and religious pressure without the details of Mitty’s sexual explorations?
  10. What other books could be compared to this book? What similar books might you recommend to other readers?